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Our Colours

A few of our most popular colous are below

Our Colours

A few of our most popular colous are below


A native and natural colour inspired by New Zealand’s coastal regions and forests. This deep green shade contrasts well with lighter colours.

Gull Grey

Inspired by the sea birds of New Zealand beaches. The grey tone is a manifestation of bird feather grey and is ideal for beach-front environments.

Permanent Green

A clean green colour reflective of New Zealand’s rural communities, associated with rolling fields and pastures. Perfect for a fresh take on your existing roof.

Mist Green

Mis green comes from the foggy, chilly landscapes for which New Zealand is so well renowned. This soft tone can be compared to fern, greenstones, and native birdlife.


Lichen is an earthy and versatile shade that brings to mind the image of rocks and tussocks, a compound that grows on our buildings and fences.


A bold and strong colour which is native to New Zealand’s unique environments. Inspired by our widespread flax plant species across mountains and beaches.


An ideally deep and dark shade of tough sands. This shade captures our wild landscapes, particularly southern, and holds a unique place in our colour palette.

Desert Sand

As the name suggests, this colour reflects one of New Zealand’s roughest and most severe landscapes. This tone imitates volcanic sands and mountain plateaus.


A timeless colour. Slate was widely considered the most dominant and effective early roofing materials. This colour ties both black and grey together.

Grey Friars

A historic shade bearing connections to the friars of the old Saint Francis. Its safe and secure character is perfect for the final touch.

New Denim Blue

New Denim Blue has quickly become an all-time favourite of our customers. The tone is dominated by the winding rivers and the rolling skies of New Zealand.

Thunder Grey

A natural grey. Stormy and thunderous skies are all too common in New Zealand. This strong and bold statement protects you from rough, external elements.

Sandstone Grey

Truly solid and stable like the rocks, boulders, and cliffs of our coasts. Sandstone grey is a cleanly washed tone resembling eastern coastlines


A light, pure, and positive shade we compare to the long white clouds of Aotearoa. This shade is one of the lightest we have available.


Slightly warmer than our brighter colours, this distinctive shade will bring warmth and versatility to your rooftop. Ideal for achieving that bright and contemporary feel.


A rough and rugged shade that comes from the depths of red, like well-aged metals which are abundant throughout New Zealand’s countryside.


A particularly energetic shade of brown with strong ties to the South Island. This tone has its roots in light coals.

Pioneer Red

A simplistic and classic red, which ties in not only with local sheds but also with the widespread blossoming flowers of Pohutukawa trees.


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